Regulatory changes

Resolution that brings changes into recently adopted Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 862 dated 09.11.2016  “On State Regulation of Prices for Medicines”, was published on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine The Regulation enters into force from the date of its publication in the printed source.


Summary of what the Cabinet adopted/cancelled/changed in regulation of the margins for medicines:


  1. From January 01, 2017, medicines according to the list, can be sold with a maximum wholesale margin 5% and maximum retail margin 15%. Pharmacies have the right to sell out before February 01, 2017 the leftover stock of such medicines with the margin, applied previously.
  2. From January 01, 2017, reference prices regulation will be applied to medicines according to the list Registration of prices of such medicines will be carried out on the basis of comparison with the reference countries, and their cost in Ukraine should not exceed the minimum price in the reference countries.
  3. For the medicines included in the national list, and not included in the list, the maximum size of margin remains the same:

    In case of budgets procurements:– 10% wholesale margin- 10% retail margin

    In case of purchases not from budget funds:

    – 10% wholesale margin

    – 25% retail margin

  4. Reimbursement (state compensation of the cost) of medicines included in the list, shall be introduced from April 01, 2017.
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