Moldova Launches Nationwide Electronic Prescription System 

Moldova continues modernizing its healthcare system with the nationwide implementation of the electronic prescription system, known as “Rețeta Electronică“.  The program was officially launched on 1 April 2024

This innovative initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Company (CNAM), aims to streamline the prescription process, enhance patient care, and reduce administrative burdens for healthcare professionals.

How the Electronic Prescription System Works in Moldova

The electronic prescription system is a user-friendly digital platform that enables doctors to issue prescriptions electronically. 

Patients can then obtain their prescribed medications from any of the 3,300 participating pharmacies across the country. 

The Prescription Process Simplified

The process is simple:

  1. Doctors issue prescriptions electronically using the system.
  2. Patients receive a unique code via SMS or email.
  3. Patients present their ID and the unique code at a participating pharmacy.
  4. Pharmacists dispense the prescribed medications.

Minister of Health, Ala Nemerenco, emphasized that the introduction of electronic prescriptions aims to alleviate the burden on both the healthcare system and patients. 

The system empowers not only family doctors but also specialists from various fields, including emergency admissions units and palliative care, to prescribe compensated medicines and devices.

Participating Pharmacies Across the Country

Ion Dodon, the director general of CNAM, reported that on the system’s launch day, approximately 1,300 patients received compensated medicines and medical devices through ePrescription, with over 3,000 items dispensed.

Benefits for Patients and Healthcare Professionals

Convenience and Flexibility for Patients

The electronic prescription system offers numerous advantages for patients and healthcare professionals alike. 

One of the key benefits for patients is the ability to designate a representative to collect medicines on their behalf, providing added convenience and flexibility. 

Additionally, for partially reimbursed drugs, patients can visit the pharmacy three times to purchase the medications without incurring additional payments.

Streamlined Process and Reduced Errors for Healthcare Professionals

For healthcare professionals, the system streamlines the prescription process, reduces administrative tasks, and minimizes the risk of prescription errors due to illegible handwriting. 

The digitization of prescriptions also helps combat potential fraud associated with prescribing compensated medicines and devices.

Expansion and Future Developments

The successful implementation of the electronic prescription system has paved the way for further advancements in Moldova’s healthcare system

Extending the System to Non-Compensated Medications

Authorities are considering extending the system to include non-compensated medications in the future, providing patients with a more comprehensive and convenient experience.

Cross-Border Compatibility with EU Countries

Moreover, the system’s interoperability with other countries in the European Union is a significant step forward. 

Prescriptions issued in Finland, for example, can now be used in Croatia, Estonia, and Portugal without the need for a printed copy. This cross-border compatibility enhances patient mobility and access to healthcare services within the EU.

Program Began with Successful Pilot Program in Hincesti District

Moldova’s electronic prescription system represents a true success in implementing a nationwide system that is complicated for any country to initiate.  

The Hincesti district served as the testing ground for the e-prescription system pilot. Carolina Coșleț, deputy head of medical affairs at the Hincesti Health Centre, stated that both patients and doctors have benefited from the system and proved the concept and technology were ready for wider implementation.

Moldova’s Commitment to Improving Healthcare

By leveraging technology to streamline the prescription process, Moldova has demonstrated its commitment to improving patient care, increasing efficiency, and enhancing accessibility to essential medicines and devices.