Delta Medical: Accelerating access and distribution of healthcare innovations to emerging markets

We enable pharmaceutical and medical device companies to rapidly register, distribute and market their products across Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan through our extensive on-the-ground expertise.

Unloading products to the Delta Medical warehouse


Our extensive pharmaceutical distribution network provides reliable delivery across 13 countries.  From the factory to the pharmacy.

Work process at Delta Medical


We offer accelerated registration navigating complex local regulations on pharmaceuticals, medical devices, supplements and cosmetics.

Presentation of distribution channels at Delta Medical


Our on-the-ground medical and pharmacy teams directly engage healthcare professionals and manage DTC campaigns.

Connecting with Healthcare Professionals & Patients Through Omnichannel Promotion

As an experienced pharmaceutical company for over 25 years, Delta Medical provides comprehensive marketing and sales solutions tailored to the regional needs of pharmaceutical companies across Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. 

Multichannel Promotion:

Through one of the largest dedicated healthcare sales teams with over 400 specialists in the region, Delta Medical runs compliant medical education activities to drive prescription volume.

We also utilize TV, digital marketing, social media, email campaigns, and proprietary CRM mobile technology to connect with both healthcare professionals and consumers.

Analytics and Insights:

Our market research capabilities provide robust data to inform localized messaging and data-driven brand strategies.

Surveys and measurement track campaign performance, supporting optimization. Predictive analytics also maximize sales force effectiveness.

Flexible Commercial Models:

We offer contract sales outsourcing, full-service, or hybrid approaches aligned to each product and brand needs.

This allows customization across diverse portfolios.

Demand Generation:

With end-to-end marketing services spanning brand management, disease awareness campaigns, medical affairs, and more, Delta Medical activates engagement across stakeholders to accelerate access and uptake.

Our capabilities also encompass telemarketing, telesales, e-detailing, and omnichannel digital demand generation.

Consumer marketing of OTC medicines is a core competency.

GDP-Certified Supply Chain Solutions

Delta Medical provides reliable, GDP-compliant pharmaceutical distribution solutions to ensure timely delivery of specialty pharmaceuticals, orphan drugs, consumer medicines and medical devices across 10 countries in Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and the Caucasus.

Our unparalleled logistics networks reach over 21,000 pharmacies, 2,150 hospitals and clinics, as well as direct consumer delivery – reducing reliance on wholesalers through direct pharmaceutical distribution.

Ethical Medical Affairs Guiding Stakeholder Education

Delta Medical possesses deep expertise across highly scientific disease areas and advanced therapies – including genetics, immunology, nephrology and oncology – to ethically advise healthcare professionals on appropriate patient selection and usage.

Continuous Medical Education:

As part of our commitment to knowledge sharing, we continuously provide medical education programs and trainings for healthcare professionals on relevant diseases, products, and emerging innovations in clinical practice.

Early Access Programs:

Delta Medical has extensive experience designing and leading pre-approval expanded access programs, compassionate use, and named patient supply to accelerate availability of novel treatments for patients most in need.

Responding to Inquiries:

We have an ethical responsibility across all medical activities, from scientific exchange to patient inquiries. Our responses balance regulatory requirements with timely, accurate information sharing.

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Regulatory Strategies For Accelerated Market Entry

Delta Medical’s regulatory and access consultants offer deep expertise in the complex submission pathways across Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus.