Delta Medical – a Top Pharmaceutical Company in Uzbekistan

Delta Medical, a pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland, plays a critical role in enhancing healthcare access in Uzbekistan.

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Our expertise in medical registration, distribution, and marketing processes allows us to bring international pharmaceuticals and medical devices efficiently to this significant market. Our operations are underpinned by a robust logistics network and a deep understanding of the local regulatory landscape, ensuring swift delivery of essential healthcare products across Uzbekistan.

In Tashkent and beyond, we focus on timely availability of trusted medications – from established to innovative. With strong local presence and commitment to compliance and community, we stand as a key partner in improving Uzbekistan’s healthcare outcomes.

About Uzbekistan

A country of 35 million people, a land where silk and spice once flowed along the storied trade routes of antiquity, modern-day Uzbekistan offers no shortage of intrigue for curious business travelers seeking vestiges of ages past. In the grand city of Tashkent, over 2,000 dancing fountains intermingle with Soviet architecture and Islamic designs, beckoning visitors to uncover this crossroads of culture. 

Journey to Khiva, an ancient walled city seemingly frozen in time, or wander the ruins of the legendary 2,500-year-old trading hub of Bukhara—both UNESCO World Heritage sites offering glimpses into Uzbekistan’s position as a one-time center of scholarship and commerce. 

Whether unearthing the secrets of turquoise-tiled madrasahs, purchasing the country’s famous golden apricots in crowded bazaars, or simply connecting with Uzbekistan’s storied past and dynamic present, adventures await for all who follow in the footsteps of history along the fabled Silk Road.

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Uzbekistan’s Booming Pharmaceutical Market

Uzbekistan’s pharmaceutical sector has entered an era of rapid expansion, fueled by rising demand, supportive policies, and thriving local drug makers. With the market projected to exceed $2 billion by 2025, manufacturers have a timely opportunity to gain a foothold in this high-growth Eurasian country.

Robust Growth Across All Product Categories

Driven by greater health awareness and improved access, Uzbekistan’s pharma market has charted a 26% compound annual growth over the past three years, reaching around $1.5 billion in 2022. While patented drugs still lead, affordable generics and biosimilars are surging over 30% yearly.

With over half of expenditures out-of-pocket, retail pharma holds a 90% share. However, mandatory medical insurance rollout by 2025 will massively expand the hospital market, presenting openings for manufacturers.

Localization Incentives Offer Attractive Entry Routes

In line with import substitution goals, the government targets 80% domestic production by 2026. This has already attracted over 200 new local players, taking the total from 48 in 2017 to 226 now.

To enable tech and skill transfers, incentives promote tie-ups between multinationals and domestic firms. Joint ventures, contract manufacturing deals, and licensing agreements provide promising market access paths. Training programs and production clusters also augment localization appeal.

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Registration Reforms and Expanding Coverage Accelerate Growth

Some key reforms like faster registration and pricing exemptions for innovations are already expanding access, while upcoming Eurasian Economic Union integration will ease regional trade. With over 90% insurance coverage expected, the addressable patient population and business potential will dramatically open up.

Export Focus and Digitalization Underpin Maturation

The business landscape is evolving as companies adopt new technologies to improve efficiency. This includes using blockchain for better supply chain visibility and big data to enhance research and development. In Uzbekistan, local firms are preparing to export pharmaceutical products and ingredients that meet international standards.

Uzbekistan offers a fertile ground for manufacturers looking to enter emerging markets, supported by strong growth, favorable policies, and the opportunity to partner with Delta Medical for early market advantages. The expansion of infrastructure and insurance coverage in the country further boosts the potential for providing high-quality, affordable medicines.

Salesforce Team in Uzbekistan: Local Expertise Overcomes Challenges, and Creates Successes

The team of medical representatives in Uzbekistan is pivotal to Delta Medical’s operations, tasked with detailing products to doctors and ensuring pharmacy merchandising compliance, alongside engaging with pharmacists. 

The majority of medical representatives hold degrees in medicine or pharmacology.

Uzbekistan-training meetings

Engagement with Healthcare Professionals and Medical Institutions in Uzbekistan

The team engages with healthcare professionals and institutions through office visits and participation in medical conferences and round table discussions. Our medical representatives bring updated information on our products, and general news on medical innovations.  Through our personalized interactions we build trusted relationships.

Uzbekistan-training meetings

Challenges in the Uzbek Market

The Uzbek market presents unique challenges due to its large size and population, and the varying levels of experience among doctors. Despite these challenges, the team has been successful in navigating the market and achieving its goals by careful targeting of priority clinics, doctors and pharmacies.

Healthcare ComponentTotal Number in Uzbekistan
Private Clinics675
Pharmacies (Aptekas)15,799
Young Uzbek Pharmacist

Key Performance Indicators

The effectiveness of the Salesforce team is measured using key performance indicators such as numeric distribution at pharmacies and recall and recommendation by doctors and pharmacists. These metrics provide a comprehensive understanding of the team’s performance and success.  We contract with several providers of market research as well as having our own proprietary CRM system.

Notable Achievements of Delta Medical in Uzbekistan

Delta Medical’s team achieved a significant milestone with the successful introduction of Ferinject, an intravenous iron medicine from Vifor Pharma, to the market. By streamlining the regulatory process, we were able to launch Ferinject swiftly. 

To ensure its relevance and value to healthcare providers and patients, we established an advisory board composed of medical experts prior to the launch. This proactive approach helped us tailor the product to meet existing treatment needs effectively, generating keen interest among doctors even before Ferinject became available. 

This approach not only underscores our team’s skill in efficiently introducing new products but also highlights our commitment to positively impacting the healthcare sector in challenging environments.

Our team’s capability is further evidenced by our track record of successful product launches and our ability to foster strong relationships with healthcare professionals and institutions. Unlike many pharmaceutical companies that manage only a few product introductions, Delta Medical consistently introduces several innovative treatments each year, embracing the challenges involved and delivering new options to patients and doctors alike.

Delta Medical Marketing Team in Tashkent: Strategies and Success Stories

The marketing team at Delta Medical’s Tashkent office plays a pivotal role in adapting and executing strategies that resonate with the Uzbek market. Their efforts are multifaceted, focusing on understanding local consumer behavior, regulatory compliance, and leveraging collaborations to maximize product reach and impact.

Uzbekistan-training meetings

Tailoring Mass Media Activities in Uzbekistan

The marketing team employs a nuanced approach to mass media activities, ensuring that content is culturally relevant and engaging for the Uzbek audience. This involves localizing advertising campaigns, utilizing popular social media platforms in Uzbekistan, and engaging in community events to build brand awareness. The team’s ability to craft messages that resonate with local values and preferences has been key to their success.

Overview of the Mass Media Market in Uzbekistan: Trends and Opportunities

The mass media market in Uzbekistan has undergone significant transformations in recent years, driven by both technological advancements and regulatory reforms. Television remains the dominant medium, capturing a substantial portion of advertising budgets, while the digital landscape is rapidly evolving, offering new opportunities for advertisers and content creators alike.

Television: The Leading Medium in Uzbekistan

TV Media Market in Uzbekistan, years 2019 - 2022

TV Media Market in Uzbekistan, years 2019 – 2022

Television is the primary medium in Uzbekistan’s media landscape, with nearly 70% of all TV advertising budgets directed towards four private channels. The content consumed is predominantly in the Uzbek language, accounting for over 80% of the total. 

The TV reform initiated in 2017 aimed to align the market with international media buying requirements, introducing media measurements and attracting international advertisers. As a result, the television advertising market in Uzbekistan grew from $15 million to $55 million, attracting over 200 new advertisers and achieving a share of international advertising networks at 60%, with international advertisers making up about 70%.

Digital Media: Growth and Challenges

The digital media sector in Uzbekistan is experiencing rapid growth, with around 23 million people having access to the internet. The number of internet subscribers is continually increasing, contributing to the expansion of the digital advertising market. In 2021, investments in advertising reached 675 billion Uzbek soms ($59.5 million), a significant increase from 230 billion soms ($20.3 million) in 20171. However, the high cost of internet traffic remains a challenge, limiting online media consumption and digital market development.

Radio and Print Media

Radio in Uzbekistan features 11 stations, offering a variety of content ranging from pop music to talk shows. The print media sector includes newspapers and magazines, with a focus on local news, culture, and education.

Doctor Detailing Aids for Prescription Products

For prescription products, the team has developed a range of doctor detailing aids. These include brochures, product samples, and interactive digital content designed to provide comprehensive product information in an accessible format. The aids are tailored to address the varying levels of experience among healthcare professionals, ensuring that each interaction is informative and beneficial. Feedback from healthcare professionals has been overwhelmingly positive, citing the aids as instrumental in understanding product benefits and application.

Zest, Fervex and Maltofer: Relaunch and Market Penetration in Uzbekistan

The relaunch strategies for the Zest range of supplements and Maltofer anemia products stand out as exemplary successes. The marketing team conducted extensive market research to identify consumer needs and preferences, leading to targeted campaigns that highlighted the unique benefits of each product. 

Collaborations with KOLs were instrumental in these relaunches, with KOLs presenting at medical conferences and engaging in discussions with practicing doctors about the proper use of these products. These strategies not only revitalized the products but also significantly increased their market penetration in Uzbekistan.

The Cough and Cold brand, Fervex, from UPSA Laboratoires, also saw greatly expanded distribution in Uzbekistan this past season.  Our sales teams gave this promising product special attention and it responded!

A medical worker works with an electronic database and documents

Collaboration with Medical Affairs

The synergy between the Marketing and Medical Affairs teams has been a cornerstone of Delta Medical’s strategy. This collaboration ensures that promotional activities are not only effective but also compliant with local regulations. By working closely with Medical Affairs, the marketing team can leverage scientific insights and KOL endorsements to enhance the credibility and appeal of their products to healthcare professionals.

Partial List of Delta Medical Medical Partnerships in Tashkent

Facility NameAddressSpecialization/AreaContact Information
Clinic of Tashkent Medical Academy No1 (TashMI)5, Farobiy Street, Tashkent, UzbekistanAll areasTel: (+998) 781509501
Tashkent City Hospital of Emergency Health Care40, Fozil Tepa Street, Uch-Tepa district, TashkentFirst aid, Emergency health careTel: (+998) 712756713
Republican Science Centre of Emergency Medical Service(ex. hospital #16)Emergency Medical Service
First Tashkent State Medical InstituteMedical Education and Research
National Children’s Medical CenterPediatric Care
Tashkent Medical Academy (TMA)Farabi street 2, Almazar district, Tashkent cityMedical Education and ResearchTel: +998 (71) 150-78-

Compliance with Local Standards

Navigating the regulatory environment in Uzbekistan is a critical aspect of the marketing team’s responsibilities. They ensure that all promotional materials and activities comply with local standards, working closely with the Regulatory Affairs team to stay abreast of any changes in legislation. This diligence has enabled Delta Medical to maintain a strong market presence while upholding the highest standards of ethical marketing.

The marketing team at Delta Medical’s Tashkent office has demonstrated exceptional skill in adapting to the Uzbek market’s unique challenges. Through strategic mass media activities, innovative doctor detailing aids, successful product relaunches, and effective collaborations, they have significantly contributed to the company’s success in Uzbekistan.

Delta Medical Regulatory Affairs and Compliance in Tashkent

The Tashkent office of Delta Medical is at the forefront of ensuring that all products, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food for special medical purposes, and health supplements, comply with the stringent regulatory standards of Uzbekistan. The office’s regulatory team is dedicated to managing the complex processes involved in product registration, compliance, and packaging design.

Comprehensive Regulatory Activity in Uzbekistan

The regulatory team handles the entire spectrum of regulatory activities required for the diverse product range. This includes:

  • Preparing and submitting documentation for product registration.
  • Ensuring that clinical trials and studies meet local regulatory requirements.
  • Keeping abreast of changes in legislation that may affect product status.
  • Liaising with health authorities to facilitate smooth approval processes.

For pharmaceuticals, the team ensures that all necessary steps, from dossier preparation to post-marketing surveillance, are meticulously executed. Medical devices undergo a rigorous conformity assessment to meet safety and performance standards. Foods for special medical purposes are evaluated to ensure they meet the specific dietary needs they claim to address. Health supplements are scrutinized for their composition and health benefit claims.

The building of the Minister of Health Sog'liqni Saqlash Vazirligi

Delta Medical Closely Cooperates with Uzbek Regulatory Authorities

The Tashkent office is in frequent contact with local regulatory authorities.  The government regulatory body responsible for pharmaceutical registrations in Uzbekistan is the Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This agency oversees the State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Devices, and Medical Equipment, which conducts examinations of the chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, and technical parts of the registration documents for drugs and medical devices.

Package Design and Compliance

Package design is not only about aesthetics but also about compliance with regulatory requirements. The Tashkent office takes charge of:

  • Designing packaging that is informative and compliant with labeling regulations.
  • Including necessary information such as usage instructions, ingredients, and any potential side effects.
  • Ensuring that the packaging design meets the standards for different categories of products, from pharmaceuticals to health supplements.

The team’s expertise in packaging design extends to serialization, which is crucial for supply chain security and traceability. They ensure that all products are serialized in accordance with global and local standards, facilitating tracking from production to end-user.

Regulatory Support

Ongoing Regulatory Support

The regulatory team provides ongoing support to ensure continuous compliance. This includes:

  • Monitoring regulatory developments and updating product information as required.
  • Providing training and updates to the sales and marketing teams on regulatory changes.
  • Engaging in dialogue with regulatory authorities to advocate for fair and reasonable regulations that facilitate market access while protecting public health.

In conclusion, the regulatory team at Delta Medical’s Tashkent office is integral to the company’s ability to deliver safe and effective products to the Uzbek market. Their comprehensive approach to regulatory affairs and package design ensures that Delta Medical not only meets but exceeds the regulatory standards, thereby safeguarding the trust of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Delta Medical Ensures Patient Safety Through Pharmacovigilance in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

As part of our unwavering commitment to patient safety and product efficacy, Delta Medical’s skilled pharmacovigilance team in Tashkent thoroughly reviews and evaluates adverse event reports while also monitoring local medical literature for any mentions of our products. Their expertise and diligence are integral in upholding our stringent safety and quality standards across our broad portfolio of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, specialized clinical nutrition products, and health supplements.

Local Adverse Event Reporting

The pharmacovigilance team in Tashkent is tasked with the collection of adverse event reports from both healthcare professionals and consumers. This involves:

  • Establishing a robust system for reporting adverse events, ensuring ease of access and confidentiality.
  • Training local healthcare professionals on the importance of reporting adverse events and how to do so effectively.
  • Analyzing reports to identify any patterns or concerns that may require further investigation or action.

The team’s local presence and knowledge of the Uzbek language are invaluable in this process, allowing for clear communication and a deeper understanding of the reports received. This local insight ensures that nothing is lost in translation and that all reports are accurately captured and analyzed.

old doctor

Monitoring Local Medical Publications

In addition to collecting adverse event reports, the pharmacovigilance team actively monitors local medical publications for any mentions of Delta Medical’s products. This includes:

  • Reviewing scientific articles, case studies, and other publications for reports of adverse events or efficacy concerns.
  • Engaging with authors or researchers when additional information is needed to fully understand a report.
  • Incorporating findings from these publications into the overall safety monitoring of Delta Medical’s products.

This proactive approach to monitoring ensures that the team is aware of any emerging safety concerns and can respond promptly to protect patient health.

Journal NameWebsiteFocus AreaLanguage(s)
УЗБЕКСКИЙ МЕДИЦИНСКИЙ ЖУРНАЛUzbek Medical Journaltadqiqot.uzWide range of medical researchRussian, English, Uzbek
slib.uzMedical science, healthcare issues, and innovationsRussian
Научные журналы – ТашПМИ / Journals of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institutetashpmi.uzPediatrics and medical educationRussian
Журнал “Теоретической и клинической медицины” / Journal of Theoretical and Clinical Medicineacademy.uzMedicine, biology, and related fieldsRussian
Журнал “Вестник врача”Journal “Doctor’s Bulletin”sammu.uzClinical and preventive medicine, medical-biological, and pharmaceutical sciencesRussian

We coordinate our pharmacovigilance activities and reporting in Uzbekistan with two key agencies:

  1. The State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment (SCEMS) under the Ministry of Health.
  1. The State Institution “Center for Safety of Pharmaceutical Products,” which oversees the safety of pharmaceuticals.

By partnering with SCEMS and the Center for Safety of Pharmaceutical Products, we maintain compliance with Uzbekistan’s pharmacovigilance rules and standards. Both agencies are critical to maintaining patient safety as we operate in the country.

Collaboration with International Pharmaceutical Companies

The pharmacovigilance team’s findings are not only used to safeguard patients in Uzbekistan but are also shared with product manufacturers. This collaboration allows for:

  • Informing manufacturers of any adverse events reported locally, contributing to global safety data.
  • Assisting in the evaluation of product safety profiles and the identification of potential improvements.
  • Ensuring that any necessary changes to product information or usage guidelines are promptly implemented.

The team’s work is a critical component of Delta Medical’s commitment to patient safety. By collecting local adverse event reports, monitoring medical publications, and collaborating with manufacturers, the pharmacovigilance team in Tashkent plays a vital role in ensuring that all products meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy. Their expertise and local knowledge are indispensable in maintaining the trust of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Who Does Delta Medical Hire in Uzbekistan?

We hire highly educated, positively motivated people who wish to improve the lives of the people of Uzbekistan.  On this mission, the following positions are typically recruited for our Tashkent office:

Medical RepresentativesDetail healthcare professionals on pharmaceutical products through ethical engagement
Pharmacy Retail RepresentativesBuild partnerships with pharmacies to ensure product availability and visibility
Regional Business ManagersManage teams of salespeople in geographic territories across Uzbekistan
Field Force ManagersProvide leadership and direction for the entire salesforce
Product ManagersDevelop and execute plans to promote and maintain products in market
Regulatory Affairs SpecialistsHandle registration and compliance processes for pharmaceuticals and health products
Pharmacovigilance SpecialistsMonitor safe medication use by collecting and assessing adverse events
Finance ManagerOversee accounting, bookkeeping and financial planning activities
Commercial ManagerManage relationships with distributors and pharmacy chains
Medical Affairs ManagerDevelop medical strategies and oversee engagements with key opinion leaders
Administrative StaffProvide clerical and administrative support across business functions
Country ManagerOversee all strategy, operations, budgets and execution in Uzbekistan

If you are interested in joining us, please review our current vacancies!

Delta Medical Assists with Serialization for Pharmaceutical Packaging in Uzbekistan

In the pharmaceutical industry, serialization is a critical aspect of ensuring supply chain security and traceability. It involves assigning a unique identifier, often in the form of a 2D matrix code, to each sellable unit of a product. This allows for the tracking of the product from the manufacturer to the end-user, helping to prevent counterfeiting and illicit trade. At Delta Medical’s Tashkent office, a dedicated team assists manufacturers in complying with local serialization requirements.

Modern Medical Device with Maze Like QR Code Design

Assisting Pharmaceutical Companies with Serialization Compliance

The team in Tashkent provides comprehensive support to manufacturers to ensure they meet local serialization requirements. This includes:

  • Guiding manufacturers through the process of generating and applying 2D matrix codes to their product packaging.
  • Providing technical assistance to resolve any issues that may arise during the serialization process.
  • Ensuring that all serialized products comply with local regulations before they are released to the market.

The team’s expertise in serialization and local regulations is invaluable in helping manufacturers navigate this complex process.

Applying 2D Matrix Codes in Tashkent

In some cases, the Tashkent office takes on the responsibility of applying 2D matrix codes to product packaging. This involves:

  • Purchasing the required 2D matrix codes on behalf of the manufacturer.
  • Applying the codes to the product packaging using specialized equipment and processes.
  • Verifying that the codes have been correctly applied and can be accurately read by scanning devices.

Our collaboration with CRPT Turon LLC, a private entity tasked with the creation, operation, and development of a digital tracking and traceability information system for goods, including pharmaceuticals, is crucial to our operations.

This serialization service provides a valuable option for manufacturers who may not have the resources or expertise to handle serialization in-house.

In conclusion, the team at Delta Medical’s Tashkent office plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain through their work in serialization. Whether they are assisting manufacturers with compliance or applying 2D matrix codes themselves, their efforts contribute significantly to patient safety and product traceability. 

Expanding Reach Through Delta Medical’s Distribution Network in Uzbekistan

Delta Medical’s distribution network in Uzbekistan extends far beyond the capital city of Tashkent, ensuring that products are available and accessible to patients across the country. Recognizing the importance of reaching a diverse patient population, Delta Medical has strategically placed medical representatives in all major cities.

Nationwide Distribution Coverage throughout Uzbekistan

The company’s commitment to nationwide coverage is reflected in the presence of medical representatives in the ten largest cities in Uzbekistan:


In each of these cities, Delta Medical’s representatives work tirelessly to ensure that healthcare providers are well-informed about the company’s products and that these products are readily available to patients.

Delta Medical Ensures Product Availability and Accessibility in Uzbekistan

Delta Medical’s medical representatives are the linchpins of the company’s distribution network, tasked with:

  • Building and maintaining relationships with local pharmacies and healthcare facilities.
  • Ensuring a consistent supply of products to meet the needs of the local population.
  • Providing training and support to healthcare professionals to optimize patient outcomes.

Their presence in every major city ensures that Delta Medical’s products have a strong footprint across Uzbekistan, not just in the capital.

Meeting the Needs of a Diverse Uzbek Patient Population

By having medical representatives in each of these key locations, Delta Medical is able to:

  • Understand and respond to regional healthcare needs and preferences.
  • Tailor distribution strategies to the unique demographics of each city.
  • Overcome logistical challenges to ensure timely delivery of products.

This comprehensive approach to distribution ensures that patients throughout Uzbekistan have access to the healthcare products they need, regardless of their location.

In conclusion, Delta Medical’s extensive distribution network and the dedicated work of its medical representatives across Uzbekistan’s major cities underscore the company’s commitment to making healthcare products accessible to all. By ensuring coverage in these key urban areas, Delta Medical is able to meet the diverse needs of the Uzbek population and contribute to better health outcomes nationwide.

Delta Medical’s Strategic Location in Tashkent: A Hub of Accessibility and Connectivity

Delta Medical’s office in Tashkent, located at:

UzOman Business Center

UzOman Business Center

95A, Amir Temur Prospect., 

Tashkent city, 100084 

is strategically positioned to serve as a central hub for its operations in Uzbekistan. This location not only facilitates easy access to various healthcare and business centers but also underscores the company’s commitment to being at the heart of Uzbekistan’s healthcare landscape.

UzOman map

Access to Top Medical Facilities and Healthcare Authorities

The Amir Temur thoroughfare has emerged as a hub for elite healthcare. Delta Medical neighbors leading hospitals like the Tashkent International Clinic, the Republican Research Center for Emergency Medicine, and the National Children’s Medical Center. Top medical universities and the Ministry of Health are also within a few kilometers’ radius.

This convenient location fosters seamless collaborations on clinical trials, medical education, and regulatory policy dialogue. It also expands direct engagement opportunities with specialized healthcare professionals who frequent these facilities.

Accessibility from Tashkent International Airport

Tashkent International Airport lies just a short 8km drive south along Amir Temur Street. This facilitates convenient travel for global partners and convenient trade coordination across Delta Medical’s integrated Eurasian supply chain spanning manufacturing, distribution, and pharmacies.

Enhancing Operations through Strategic Location

The strategic location of Delta Medical’s Tashkent office facilitates effective distribution and marketing activities across Uzbekistan.  By situating itself in this key urban area, Delta Medical ensures that its products and services are within easy reach of healthcare providers and patients alike, furthering its mission to improve health outcomes across Uzbekistan.

Tashkent is within reasonable driving distance of most of the largest cities in Uzbekistan.  Also, Shymkent, a city of over a million people in Kazakhstan, is onlyg 3 hours away.  Flights to all Central Asian capital cities are only a few hours.

CityDistance (km) from TashkentDriving Time (Approx.)Train Time (Approx.)
Tashkent00 hours0 hours
Samarkand2704 hours2-3 hours
Namangan2955 hours7-8 hours
Andijan4306-7 hours8-9 hours
Bukhara6007-8 hours3-4 hours
Nukus1,07015-16 hours18-20 hours
Qarshi5206-7 hours4-5 hours
Jizzakh2003 hours1.5-2.5 hours
Fergana3205-6 hours8-10 hours
Urgench1,09014-15 hours20-22 hours

Uzbekistan’s Time is Now, Your Partner is Delta Medical

Delta Medical’s proven expertise across Uzbekistan’s medical ecosystem solidifies their leadership as the strategic entry partner for pharmaceutical brands. Leveraging unmatched on-ground intelligence, GDLP-certified supply chains reaching every clinical setting, and trusted ties with health authorities and prescribing doctors, Delta Medical enables rapid market access and growth acceleration.

With fast-expanding patient coverage, favorable registration policies for innovative products, and advanced HCP engagement via multi-channel strategies, the opportunity to elevate brand visibility and penetration in Uzbekistan is substantial. As government incentives promote localization, new avenues are opening for manufacturing, licensing and equity partnerships.  

For internationally headquartered life science companies, the time for entry is now. Partner with Delta Medical to capitalize on their integrated capabilities, precision compliance and first-mover advantage in this high-potential market growing over 25% annually. Let’s do this business together and rapidly expand access to meet the needs of Uzbekistan’s next-generation healthcare system.

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