Reliable Distribution Networks For Emerging Pharma Markets

From our Swiss headquarters in Zurich, Delta Medical leverages extensive distribution expertise and infrastructure to improve availability and access to innovative medicines, medical devices, supplements, and health and beauty products across 13 countries spanning from Eastern Europe to Central Asia. 

As a responsive logistics partner with 25+ years in the region, we provide vital reach for global life sciences manufacturers seeking to make treatments more accessible for growing patient populations in these markets.

Delta Medical’s Unrivaled Direct Distribution Channels

Our distinguished networks connect manufacturers directly with 21,000+ pharmacies, 2,150+ hospitals and clinics, cosmetic retail outlets, and 1,000’s of delivery points in total across a geographic area with approximately 296 million in population

This direct channel reach enables rapid availability by reducing overreliance on inefficient wholesalers – upholding service quality while lowering delivery costs.  

We tailor distribution strategies to ensure robust coverage through:

  • Flagship direct-to-pharmacy networks with household names across Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.  

Specialized Temperature Control Supporting Product Integrity

As regulations and patient expectations continue elevating standards around quality, stability, and efficacy – temperature control during storage and pharmaceutical delivery grows only more critical in upholding confidence while preventing disruptions in availability.

Delta Medical provides extensive capabilities in climate-controlled distribution meeting manufacturer specifications and international GDP standards for products requiring refrigeration or strictly maintained stability profiles – spanning specialty injectables, biologics, deprecated vaccines, and temperature-sensitive modern insulins.  

Our investments in internet-enabled (IoT) cold storage infrastructure, refrigerated trucks, active containers, and quality control systems enable compliant distribution across vast geographies, rural terrain, and through extreme heat or freezing temperatures.

Sensing risks in reliance on outdated cold boxes, ice packs, and passive shipping alone – we take an active approach to monitoring and documenting in-transit conditions 24/7 to validate maintenance within set temperature thresholds.  

Backed by over $15 million in GDP-certified facilities and delivery fleet assets regionally, clients gain assurance we offer the technical resources and quality rigor needed for distributing the most stability-challenged of emerging biological innovations to patients spanning the Steppes to the Caucuses. 

Our capabilities include:

Stability Testing and Profile Management

  • Humidity, temperature, vibration monitoring 
  • Excursion investigation, CAPA
  • Product-specific distribution profiling

Upholding Pharmaceutical Quality Through Certified Standards

With the most vital of therapies now traversing thousands of kilometers through developing markets to reach patients, quality rigor must permeate the entire supply chain ecosystem – from warehouse to clinic shelf.

Delta Medical upholds pharmaceutical integrity through extensive quality assurance practices embedded throughout our order to delivery operations, warehouse management, and return capabilities.

Backed by ISO 13485ISO 22000, GDP, GxP, and other internationally recognized certifications – we give manufacturers confidence in our ability to reduce risk, prevent deviations, and document adherence to protect product stability regardless of external conditions.

Our quality culture builds trust through:

Proactive Quality Planning 

  • Risk-based distribution strategy development
  • Customized SOPs and quality agreements
  • Change control and risk response

Responsive Delivery Enabling On-Time Access Across Vast Distances

The urgency in healthcare knows no bounds – from life-saving vaccines, critical care injectables, or monthly treatments relied upon daily by patients. We recognize lives depend on on-time access.

Yet the immense distances and infrastructural variability across Eastern Europe and Central Asia pose immense obstacles, especially the last mile – delaying availability in remote cities or rural villages most in need.

As the established leader in these territories, Delta Medical provides responsive specially delivery through extensive routes reaching over 21,000 pharmacies, clinics and hospitals with reliability unachievable through general freight forwarders. 

We optimize direct-to-site logistics through:  

Package Optimization 

  • Right-sized packaging balances protection, space utilization and stability
  • Custom kitting improves convenience while lowering transport costs

Data-Driven Logistics Optimizing Supply Chain Resilience 

Volatile demand, regulatory shifts, infrastructure variability, and now climate change pose intensifying supply chain disruption risks across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

While pharmaceutical availability hangs in the balance – Delta Medical provides manufacturing partners data-driven distribution leveraging analytics and artificial intelligence to predict, pivot and prevent stockouts from Tbilisi to Tashkent.

Backed by investments in supply chain digitization, we provide decision support and visibility unrivaled in the region including:

Prescriptive Inventory Optimization

  • Machine learning assisted demand forecasting 
  • Dynamic reordering thresholds by node
  • Reduced overstocks while preventing shortages

Value-Added Services Simplifying Market Entry and Expansion

Entering 13 unique markets across Eastern Europe and Central Asia poses immense regulatory, importation, and cross-border commerce complexities beyond distribution alone. 

As the established regional leader, Delta Medical provides manufacturing partners an unmatched array of value-added services simplifying market entry while removing commercialization barriers – enabling focus on growth rather than logistical obstacles along the way.

We ease regional expansion through:

Regulatory Enablement

  • Licensed regional warehousing  
  • Country registration affidavits 
  • Labeling compliance localization

Delta Medical: Partners in Access Across Emerging Markets

With great innovation emerges great obligation – the duty to enable access especially for harder-to-reach patient populations most relying on advances in medicine. 

Delta Medical provides manufacturing partners an established route into Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and the Caucasus – reducing market entry friction through our vast networks, localized experience, and value-added services simplifying availability across 13 diverse emerging opportunities.

Backed by proven distribution infrastructure, IOT-enabled data assets, certified facilities, and value-added offerings – clients gain both the coverage and capabilities required for compliant, resilient, specialized distribution at the sacrifice of neither quality assurance nor supply chain integrity.  

Yet still, even world-class cold chains and real-time analytics mean nothing if the patient’s journey ends before a refrigerated truck even departs.

We remain committed to elevating reliability, visibility, and clinical education – recognizing it is still people steering progress, professionalizing practice, and uplifting lives ultimately fulfilled through our partnerships.  

With growth westbound slowing, the world now looks east – and we stand ready, humbled by obligations ahead as the gateway connecting manufacturers with 296 million emerging opportunities through supply chains advancing both innovation and equality ubiquitously from Central Europe to Central Asia.