About Delta Medical

Improving healthcare access in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Eurasia

Our Mission

At Delta Medical, our mission is to bridge the gap in healthcare accessibility by bringing innovative medicines to regions often overlooked by multinational pharmaceutical companies. We are committed to serving the healthcare needs of 13 countries across Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia.

Our Story

Delta Medical was born out of a vision in 1999. We recognized a unique opportunity to serve multinational pharmaceutical companies that were eager to enter Eastern European, Eurasian, and the Caucasus markets but were deterred by the complexity and relatively small size of these markets. We knew that these regions, despite their challenges, held immense potential for healthcare improvement.

Our Services

At Delta Medical, our range of services is extensive and integral to both launching and maintaining healthcare products successfully in our target markets. Each service we provide is a reflection of our extensive experience and profound knowledge in the pharmaceutical field. This comprehensive package encompasses everything from initial market entry strategies to ensuring long-term market stability for healthcare products.

At Delta Medical, our services are not just business functions. They are the pillars that uphold our commitment to improving healthcare access and outcomes in the regions we serve.

Our Team

Photo of Delta Medical Director William Wickham

William Wickham

Expert in Pharmaceutical Distribution, Marketing, and Regulatory Affairs

Gulya Pogotova

A Versatile Leader in Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, and Charity Work

Olga Volchenko

Olga Volchenko

Human Resources Director and Expert in Organizational Psychology

Our Certifications

Pharmaceutical license – SwissMedic

Delta Medical maintains a license from Swissmedic, Switzerland’s rigorous health authority regulating pharmaceutical quality, efficacy and safety – enabling legal compliant distribution of medicines. Earning Swissmedic authorization requires exhaustive audits and policies preventing adulteration, counterfeits or availability disruptions through storage and handling protocols on par with GMP grade manufacturers.  

Medical Device certification – ISO 13485

Delta Medical maintains ISO 13485 certification – the international quality standard enabling medical device and service providers demonstrate ability meeting customer and regulatory requirements consistently. This rigorous certification is specific to the medical device value chain – spanning design, production, installation and servicing of products.  

Food Safety Management certification – ISO 22000

Delta Medical’s ISO 22000 certification shows our dedication to food safety, particularly in the context of our health supplements, nutraceuticals, and Food for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) products. This internationally recognized standard ensures that we have a robust safety management system in place, which allows us to identify, assess, and control potential food safety hazards throughout our supply chain. 

Swiss Biotech Organization – member

Delta Medical is a proud member of the Swiss Biotech Organization, a symbol of Switzerland’s leadership in biotech innovation and manufacturing. We share the same high standards and commitment to improving supply chains in the biopharmaceutical sector. Our involvement highlights our strength in bringing new orphan biologics, bioengineered solutions, and genetic medicines to the Eurasian market.

Being part of this group reflects our dedication to safe and efficient handling and delivery of these sensitive products over long distances. Our association with Swiss biotech excellence shows our commitment to leading-edge medical innovation and expanding access to advanced therapies for populations in need.

Swiss Medical Technology Association

Being a member of the Swiss Medical Technology Association underscores Delta Medical’s commitment to excellence in producing and distributing medical devices. This affiliation is crucial for our suppliers and patients, as it is associated with responsible handling of products from purchase to clinical application, ensuring their safety and integrity.

Our Values

At Delta Medical, our values are the guiding principles that shape our work culture and business practices. They reflect who we are as a company and what we stand for.

Our values are more than just words; they are the essence of our company culture and the foundation of our success. At Delta Medical Promotions AG, we live our values every day, in everything we do.

Social Responsibility – Trident Tribes

As part of Delta Medical’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, we founded the charitable organization Trident Tribes focused on elevating quality of life for vulnerable groups in Ukraine.

Trident Tribes directs efforts across three pillars – support for veterans through rehabilitation services, treatment and tactical medicine for active military defenders, and critical immunizations, therapy and aid for children displaced from occupied territories. We collaborate with partners spanning healthcare foundations, veterans affairs groups and patient advocacy platforms to maximize our collective positive impact.

Trident Tribes also regularly provides medicines, medical equipment and tactical healthcare training for Ukraine’s Armed Forces leveraging our logistics capabilities.

Ultimately, this grassroots corporate citizenship initiative furthers our global mission around healthcare access and empowerment during a time of suffering – progressing both tactical and longer-term wellbeing for those affected most severely.

Our Impact

At Delta Medical, our impact extends beyond our business operations. We are deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the people we touch.