Delta Medical’s Expert Rx Promotion and Dynamic Consumer Engagement

Our salesforce is the cornerstone of our promotional strategy. We have specialized teams dedicated to promoting Rx products directly to doctors, ensuring that healthcare professionals are well-informed about the latest medical advancements.

Simultaneously, other teams focus on pharmacy promotions, aligning our product benefits with their specific retail needs. In smaller countries or cities, our versatile reps often wear dual hats, effectively working with both doctors and pharmacists. This adaptable approach ensures comprehensive coverage and deep market penetration.

Next, let’s dive into the world of our Rx sales teams and explore how they’re making a difference in the healthcare sector.

Detailing Doctors: Educating on Prescription Medicines with Precision

Delta Medical’s commercial strategy hinges on a specialized field salesforce, divided into distinct Therapeutic Business Units (TBUs). These units are structured based on medical specialization, ensuring a targeted and effective approach in engaging healthcare professionals and institutions. The specialization areas include:

Oncology / Nephrology

Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)

Women’s Health



Rare Diseases

Other Specialties

Oncology / Nephrology

Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)

Women’s Health



Rare Diseases

Other Specialties

Each TBU has a specific number of representatives, tailored to the needs and market size of each specialization.

The “Other Specialties” category encompasses a wide range of fields, such as endocrinology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, dermatology, rheumatology, and ophthalmology. This breadth ensures coverage across various critical health areas.

Our medical representatives at Delta Medical are key in connecting with healthcare professionals. They inform doctors about our products, host small group discussions, and attend medical conferences and events. Their visits to hospital pharmacies help us understand customer needs. They also keep an eye on our competitors and report findings back to our marketing team, helping us stay ahead.

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)

Each TBU is supported by Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), whose roles are pivotal in bridging clinical data with practical application. Key responsibilities include:

Product Managers

The role of Product Managers in each TBU is to spearhead the marketing and strategic initiatives. Their responsibilities encompass:

Deployment of Salesforce

Delta Medical employs a strategic approach in deploying its salesforce across the various TBUs. This includes:

Performance Metrics and Evaluation

To gauge the effectiveness of the salesforce structure, Delta Medical employs a set of performance metrics. These include:

Delta Medical’s Pharmacy Sales Force: Strategies for Success

Delta Medical’s Pharmacy Sales Teams play a key role in strengthening the company’s pharmacy and mass market presence. They handle multiple tasks like showcasing products, managing orders, arranging merchandise, following layout plans, building pharmacist relationships, reporting market trends, and carrying out regular pharmacy and consumer goods sales activities.

Key Account Management at Delta Medical

Delta Medical’s Key Account Managers are pivotal in crafting and sustaining relationships with major pharmacy chains. These professionals ensure that Delta Medical’s products are not only accessible but also prominently displayed and preferred in these retail environments.

Customer Service and Tender Department

Delta Medical’s commitment to excellence extends beyond product development and sales. Two critical departments, the Customer Service Team and the Tender Department, play essential roles in the organization’s overall commercial success.

Customer Service Team at Delta Medical

Delta Medical’s Customer Service Team plays a key role in connecting the company with its customer network of pharmacies and clinics. They handle many tasks to keep operations running smoothly and make sure customers have a great experience.

Tender Department at Delta Medical

Delta Medical’s Tender Department is a specialized unit dedicated to navigating the complex world of hospital, government and international tenders. This department’s expertise lies in identifying opportunities, preparing compliant bids, and managing the tender process from start to finish.

Consumer Marketing Activities at Delta Medical

Our consumer marketing activities are focused on connecting with and understanding the needs of our end-users.

We employ a range of strategies, from targeted advertising and digital campaigns to in-store promotions and customer engagement initiatives.

Our aim is to not only introduce our products to consumers but also to educate them about their benefits, building a strong brand presence in the consumer market.

Join Forces with Delta Medical: Transforming Product Promotion in Healthcare and Retail

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