Gulya Pogotova

A Versatile Leader in Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, and Charity Work

Gulya Pogotova has long worked in the pharmaceutical industry, known for her exceptional expertise in pharmaceutical distribution, medical and pharmacological sciences, media communication, and philanthropic endeavors.

Her roles as the Director of Delta Medical, founder of the Trident Tribes Foundation, and a celebrated television journalist, demonstrate her diverse skills and commitment to advancing healthcare and societal wellbeing.

Key Roles


– Pharmaceutical Industry
– Specialty Medicine Distribution
– General Medicine
– Pharmacological Sciences
– Humanitarian and Philanthropic Initiatives
– Media Communication and Journalism in Healthcare
– Marketing Strategy
– Digital Marketing


PhD in Medicine (Pharmacology)Odessa National Medical University
Doctor of Medicine (MD)National Medical University ‘O.O. Bogomolec’, Kyiv
M.A. in Finance, General, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


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