Delta Medical Receives “Success Through Adversity” Award from Vitabiotics

vitabiotics award delta medical

Delta Medical, the marketing and sales agent for UK-based Vitabiotics in Ukraine, recently received an award at the Vitabiotics International Agents Conference in London. 

The award, “Success Through Adversity”, recognized Delta Medical’s resilience and successful work in Ukraine despite challenging circumstances.

vitabiotics award delta medical

Delta Medical’s Business Unit Manager, Lyudmyla Yanyuk, and Marketing Manager, Tatyana Naydenko, attended the conference in April 2024. 

Vitabiotics International conference

The event brought together Vitabiotics’ international partners to discuss the future of nutraceuticals and the impact of nutrition on genetics.

Rohit Shelatkar, Vice President of Vitabiotics, highlighted the conference’s focus on epigenetics:

“Delighted to delve into the future of nutraceuticals and the transformative power of nutrition on our genetics. Today, we explored the fascinating realm of Epigenetics, unlocking the potential to alter gene expressions without changing DNA sequence. From anti-aging skin solutions to enhancing mobility, cognitive health, and addressing gut dysbiosis, the possibilities are truly groundbreaking.”

Vitabiotics international agents conference

The Role of Epigenetics in Nutrition: Vitabiotics Explores the Future of Nutraceuticals

Epigenetics is the study of how behaviors and environment can alter gene expression without changing the underlying DNA sequence. Epigenetic modifications, such as DNA methylation and histone modifications, play a crucial role in regulating gene activity and can have long-lasting effects on health and disease.

Vitabiotics presented recent research showing that maternal diet, including vitamin and mineral intake, can significantly impact the epigenetic landscape in their children. 

For example:

  • Maternal vitamin D depletion has been found to alter DNA methylation at imprinted loci in multiple generations of offspring in animal studies. This suggests that a mother’s vitamin D status during pregnancy can have long-term epigenetic consequences.
  • Micronutrient supplementation, such as with multivitamins, has been shown to have positive epigenetic effects. Adequate intake of nutrients like folate, vitamin B6, B12, and others is important for proper DNA methylation and overall epigenetic regulation.
  • Specific vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, may help regulate stem cell function and even augment the effectiveness of certain epigenetic therapies used in cancer treatment.

It is becoming clear that optimizing vitamin and mineral intake, especially during critical developmental periods like pregnancy, may help promote healthy epigenetic programming.

Vitabiotics: The Leading Vitamin Company in the UK

Vitabiotics is the leading British vitamin company that has been innovating in the field of nutritional healthcare for over 50 years. Based in London, Vitabiotics manufactures a wide range of premium vitamins and supplements designed to support health and wellbeing at every stage of life.  

Vitabiotics strives to help individuals and families be at their best through science-backed innovation and the highest quality standards.

The company holds numerous quality certifications, including:

  • MHRA (UK) licensed manufacturing facilities
  • GMP procedures at all sites 
  • FDA audited and approved
  • ISO 9001:2008, 
  • ISO 13485 accreditations ( Medical devices )  
  • ISO 22716 – Cosmetic GMP

Delta Medical and Vitabiotics: A Strong Partnership for Nearly 20 Years

As Vitabiotics’ partner in Ukraine, Delta Medical leverages the company’s expertise and high-quality products to serve the local market. Well known products from Vitabiotics include: Perfectil, Menopace, Detoxil, Osteocare and Hairfolic.

Despite the challenges posed by the current situation in Ukraine, Delta Medical has demonstrated outstanding performance, as recognized by the “Success Through Adversity” award.

Lyudmyla Yanyuk shared her thoughts on the conference:

“Attending the Vitabiotics International Agents Conference was a fantastic experience for us at Delta Medical. 

Not only did we have the chance to learn about the most recent advancements in the nutraceutical industry, but we also engaged in fascinating conversations with representatives from other markets. 

I was particularly impressed by the innovative digital marketing strategies being implemented in China. 

These insights will undoubtedly help us refine our own approach to marketing and better serve our customers in Ukraine.”

About Delta Medical

Delta Medical is a leading provider of pharmaceutical distribution, registration, and marketing services across Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. 

With over 25 years of experience, we partner with pharmaceutical and medical device companies to accelerate access and distribution of healthcare innovations in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. 

Our extensive on-the-ground expertise enables efficient product registration, reliable GDP-compliant distribution reaching over 21,000 pharmacies and 2,150 hospitals, and impactful omnichannel marketing to engage healthcare professionals and patients. 

Delta Medical’s team of 800+ specialists, including experienced medical and regulatory affairs professionals, delivers tailored solutions to navigate complex local landscapes. 

To learn more about how Delta Medical can support your commercialization needs in these emerging markets, contact us now!