Importing Pharmaceuticals into Tajikistan: Regulations, Licensing, Permits and Customs Clearance

Truck Tajikistan mountains

Importing pharmaceuticals, medical devices and supplements into Tajikistan requires a comprehensive understanding of the country’s import regulations, a detailed documentation process, and adherence to customs procedures as outlined by the Customs Service under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. 

Importers must first ensure they are properly registered and licensed, familiarize themselves with any product-specific requirements or restrictions, and prepare all necessary documentation for customs clearance. 

The import process also involves being aware of how bilateral or multilateral trade agreements may influence duties and taxes

Ensuring compliance with all local regulations and standards is critical to facilitate a smooth import process into Tajikistan, thereby minimizing potential delays or penalties.

Understanding Tajikistan Pharmaceutical Import Regulations

  • Review most updated Tajikistan’s pharmaceutical import guidelines
  • Comply with Tajikistan health, safety and quality control regulations

Obtaining a Pharmaceutical Import / Distribution License

  • Pay pharmaceutical licensing fees
  • Apply for Tajikistan pharmaceutical import / distribution license
  • Receive import license from Tajikistan pharmaceutical regulatory authority

Preparing Documentation and Contracting Customs Broker

  • Contract customs brokerage services
  • Apply for Tajikistan import / export permit
  • Prepare pharmaceutical records meeting Tajikistan documentation requirements

Submitting Import Application Through “Single Window”

Obtaining Pharmaceutical Import and Export Permit

  • Pay permit application fee
  • Receive pharmaceutical import / export permit from relevant Tajikistan agencies

Meeting Border Crossing and Customs Requirements

  • Obtain border crossing permits
  • Pay customs inspection fees
  • Pass inspection at Tajikistan customs terminal
  • Pay applicable customs duties

Receiving Clearances from Health and Safety Authorities

  • Submit documents and receive clearances:
    • Phytosanitary Control
    • Veterinary Control
    • Sanitary/Epidemiological Control

Storing Goods in Bonded Warehouse

  • Request permission to store pharmaceuticals in Tajikistan bonded warehouse
  • Adhere to Tajikistan storage regulations

Obtaining Certificate of Conformity

  • Apply for Certificate of Conformity in Tajikistan
  • Submit samples for Tajikistan quality testing
  • Receive Certificate of Conformity conformance approval

Clearing Tajikistan Customs

  • Pay import customs declaration fees
  • Submit proof of fee payment
  • Receive cleared import customs declaration

Managing Tajikistan’s import and export procedures involves steps similar to other Central Asian countries, however the specific requirements are distinct. Tajikistan, like every country, develops certain regulations and interprets international standards in its own way. 

Whether first exporting to or importing from Tajikistan, experienced partners are essential to prevent goods from waiting for clarification in warehouses or at borders. Delta Medical has extensive experience in Tajikistan and Eurasia, enabling prompt delivery so doctors and consumers in Dushanbe access products without delay.