Delta Medical cares about visually impaired people

Every day millions of visually impaired people worldwide experience a lot of restrictions preventing them from living a full life. The challenges may be associated with the education accessibility, exercise of labor rights, public health services and many other areas.

Annually, on January 4th, the United Nations (UN) conducts the events in terms of World Braille Day and highlights importance of this issue. 

At Delta Medical, we are committed to talk about such problems. And for our part, we do our best to facilitate access to the information about medicinal products for each patient. 

For this purpose, all packages of medicinal products which are part of Delta Medical portfolio are mandatory labeled with the appropriate data about the products in Braille. 

Thus, we are striving to contribute to the common goal of providing access to the essential information for the visually impaired patients, as the mentioned medicinal products are used in such key medical fields as hepatology, hematology, oncology and many others. 

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