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The share of heart diseases today accounts for 16% of all cases of death in the world.  

According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases have remained the leading cause of death worldwide for the past 20 years. Since 2000, the number of deaths from them has increased by more than 2 million and in 2019 reached almost 9 million*. Mortality from heart diseases is significantly higher than from oncological pathologies, HIV/AIDS and even from infectious diseases.  

Despite such sad statistics, people tend to think about the problem when it arises. The issue of prevention does not seem urgent, and everyone is prone to put off the decision “until tomorrow”.

The problem of heart disease is always in the focus of attention of the medical community, but today the COVID-19 pandemic has taken it to a new level. Patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system are at risk, and studies show that they suffer from coronavirus infection in a very severe form. 

At Delta Medical company, we consider the issue of prevention is one of the key issues in solving the problem of cardiovascular diseases, especially in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prevention should be carried out at different levels. For example, the problems of environmental pollution should be resolved at the state level, because bad ecology is one of the serious risk factors. 

A significant part of the factors that affect heart health are laid at the genetic level. But exist risk factors, to minimize which it is quite possible independently, paying attention to nutrition, having lost overweight, having given up smoking and alcohol abuse. The personal responsibility of everyone for their health is important: an active lifestyle, timely diagnosis, taking special vitamin complexes directed at strengthening the cardiovascular system. 

…Every journey begins with the first step. And today, on September 29, on World Heart Day, you can start the path to cardiovascular system health with simple measures: give up cigarettes for at least 1 day, reduce sugar consumption, take a walk after work. 
Start today, and your heart will give you a thumbs up (👍 ) tomorrow! 


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