Building Our Best – How We Trained and Developed a World Class Team at Delta Medical in 2023

Delta Medical prioritizes its team as the key to advancing healthcare access and distribution in emerging markets. For over 25 years, our workforce of more than 800 employees in 13 countries has played a crucial role in delivering critical medicines to patients, thanks to their extensive local expertise.

Delta Medical and Ukraine

We understand the importance of continual learning and skill enhancement in maintaining our high standards. Consequently, we dedicate significant resources to comprehensive training programs. These programs combine formal courses with opportunities for personal learning, aiming to maximize each team member’s abilities.

Our training approach is continuously refined, drawing on years of practical experience in engaging with healthcare systems. We focus on customizing training to fit individual needs and strengths, while also addressing any gaps in skills that are essential for their roles.

In 2023, Delta Medical’s training initiatives were instrumental in forming a top-tier team. This team is at the forefront of transforming how pharmaceuticals are commercialized in Ukraine, Eurasia and the Caucasus markets. Let’s delve into the key aspects of our 2023 training successes.

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Intensive Onboarding for New Employees

At Delta Medical, we onboard new hires into the Delta Way right from day one. In 2023, 206 new team members were welcomed into our family and put through an intensive 30-day onboarding program.

Our Curriculum Spans Key Compliance & Functional Training

Our onboarding process at Delta Medical adopts a comprehensive approach, emphasizing two critical areas.

Firstly, we focus on fostering anunderstanding and commitment to quality and ethical practices. This ensures that all team members align with our core values and adhere to the highest standards in their work.

Secondly, we lay a strong foundation in job-specific competencies. This equips new hires with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles from the outset.

This dual-focus strategy ensures that every team member is well-prepared to contribute effectively and uphold our commitment to excellence in the healthcare sector.

Совещание в Delta Medical

Compliance Training

New employees undergo rigorous training on upholding compliance across:

  • Anti-Corruption – Outlining strategies to prevent practices ranging from falsification to kick-backs, in compliance with international standards.
  • Protecting Data Privacy – Safeguarding confidential information across paper and digital channels per internal data policies
  • Pharmacovigilance – Instilling vigilance in proactively reporting adverse reactions observed to maintain patient safety
  • Workplace Health & Safety – Internal protocols from fire drills to warehouse equipment usage safety checkpoints

Functional Training

Parallelly, employees are deeply trained on technical knowledge required in their roles:

  • Job-specific Skills Building – Spanning medical affairs, distribution logistics, marketing management and more via both self learning and assessments
  • Technical Product Details – Training on the characteristics and properties of our pharmaceutical products across our portfolio of over 96 brands.
  • Sales Enablement – Building skills in persuasive presentation design, communicating value propositions, objection handling etc.
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Completion Rates Show Program Efficacy

The efficacy of this intensive onboarding is evident in the strong skills attained by new hires, with over 90% successfully completing assigned courses within the first month across compliance, functional and product focused topics.

We enhance new employees’ practical skills and their understanding of Delta’s impact on healthcare access by providing focused time and organized training programs from the outset.

Ongoing Education for Existing Employees

Our onboarding process establishes the foundational skills for new hires, while our more than 800 employees in 13 countries consistently enhance their abilities through ongoing training programs.

Сотрудники Дельта Медикел

Annual Training Plans Develop Individual & Collective Capabilities

Our yearly training needs assessment combines data from performance reviews, internal audit results, updates in external regulations, and business objectives to create comprehensive skill development plans for the entire organization.

These plans encompass a potpourri of learning modes including:

  • Self-paced online modules: Bite-sized courses accessible on-the-go covering standard operating procedures, data security guidelines etc.
  • Live virtual instructor-led sessions: Immersive workshops delivered over our collaboration platform on topics like leadership communication, clinical trial design etc.
  • Practical on-site simulations: Training for operations teams on meticulous practices, including managing cold-chain infrastructure in warehouses and adhering to adverse event response protocols.
  • External Events: Attendance at symposiums, medical congresses and training programs to stay abreast of the latest market trends, therapies and compliances.

The breadth of topics we covered through internal periodic training in 2023 include:

  • Quality Management: Validation protocols, deviation reporting mechanisms, risk planning
  • Soft Skills Training: Presentation mastery, managerial influence tactics, stakeholder negotiation, controlling workplace anxiety
  • Specialized Software: Statistical analysis tools, Power BI
  • New Product Launches: Medical device usage guidelines, pharmacokinetic details for recently approved medicines

Evaluating Training Effectiveness

To measure the effectiveness of these targeted, role-specific skill development trainings, we conduct assessments for all participants to evaluate competency enhancements after they complete the program.

In 2023, more than 97% of our employees achieved over 80% proficiency in their areas of expertise following structured, periodic training sessions.

This high success rate highlights the effectiveness of our critical skill advancement training and the eagerness of our team members to apply their enhanced skills in their specialized fields.

By consistently offering opportunities that encourage learning beyond regular job duties, Team Delta sustains a motivated and current workforce. This approach ensures our team is well-prepared to navigate the ever-changing landscape of healthcare access.

Delta Medical training

Beyond Our Walls – External Learning Exposure

Internal training at Delta Medical aligns our team with our vision of broadening the availability of innovative healthcare solutions. Additionally, we strongly support our employees in seeking knowledge from external sources.

In 2023, more than 106 employees participated in 62 external events, including conferences, symposiums, and accredited certification programs, extending their learning beyond our in-house training facilities.

Staying Updated on Industry Advancements

These external forums allowed our team to maintain pulse on the latest developments across Healthcare more broadly including:

Regulatory & Compliance– Regulation of Foreign Economic Activity
– Legal Regulation of Medical Device Market During Martial Law: Q1 Results and Q2 2023 Forecasts
– Legal Basis of the Common Market for Medical Devices in the EAEU
– Dietary Supplements: Legislative Changes, Composition Requirements, Quality and Safety in Production
Quality Management & Audit– Training of Candidates as Auditors for Quality Management Systems According to ISO 13485:2018
– Internal Audits Basic Course: ISO 19011 Requirements
Pharmaceutical Industry Insights & Development– “Pharmview 2023” Forum
– 14th Eurasian Pharmaceutical Forum 2023
– XIII International Conference for Pharmaceutical Industry Leaders: SALES FORCE EFFECTIVENESS
– “Pharma Budget 2024” Conference
Digital Transformation & Online Tools– Webinar on E-Prescriptions: Current Reality for Pharmacists
– Seminar on the Electronic Registry of Persons Responsible for Marketing Medical Devices
– Pharma Digital Day
Professional Development & Skills Training– Online Lecture: Conscious Service and Its Advantages
– Moderation and Facilitation: Engagement Technologies
– Online Lecture on OKR System: A Flexible Management Tool in Times of Change
Health & Safety– Forklift Operation Safety Rules
– Forklift Driver Training
– Training on Electrical Safety (IV Group)
– Safety Regulations for Gas Supply Systems in Ukraine
– Safety Rules for Pressurized Equipment
– Rules for Working at Heights
– General Questions of Occupational Safety for Officials and Specialists. Electrical Safety, 4th Group
Specific Industry Training– Fuel and Lubricants: 10 Questions, Document Samples, and Legal Practice
Human Resources & Management– XVIII Annual Forum of HR Directors
– Successful Team: Utilizing Personality Types
– “Vacation Summer – 2023: Compensation for Unused Vacations” Forum
– Forum “Respect. Experience. Perspective.”: Dialogue on Veterans’ Needs
– Recruiting in Modern World Realities
Legal & Financial Compliance– Operational Leasing: Documentation, Accounting, Taxation
– Forbes Ukraine “Entrepreneurs Forum 2023”
– New Rules for Issuing Summonses from August 1
– VAT Training
– Proper Documentation: Checking, Storing, Archiving
Specific Skills & Certification– Training on Proper Transportation and Handling of Pharmaceutical Products
– Specialization in “Organization and Management of Pharmacy”

Apart from the formal structure of presentations and panel discussions, external events offer valuable opportunities for peer networking. These settings enable our employees to exchange knowledge and ideas in a more informal environment.

На складе Delta Medical

Internal Sharing to Maximize Value

To share the knowledge acquired from participating in external forums with the wider Delta Medical teams, more than 10 mini-sessions were held by employees returning from events like visits to pharmaceutical manufacturer’s headquarters and best practice benchmarking trips.

These lateral learning sessions covered a range of topics, from innovative techniques in pediatric formulations to market access models in Asia.

By encouraging our employees to engage in external learning opportunities that align with their interests, and then facilitating the sharing of this knowledge internally, we enhance the overall value of our investment in external training.

This approach not only benefits individual employees but also significantly contributes to the broader mission of Delta Medical.


Specialty Workshops Via Our Lunch & Learn “Brunches”

In addition to extensive formal training programs, Delta Medical also provides opt-in learning opportunities addressing more niche skill needs through our special “Brunches” series of Lunch & Learn workshops.

Locally Curated Specialist Sessions

These concise sessions are organized locally, tailored to meet the specific skill enhancement needs expressed by our employees themselves.

In 2023, over 474 employees attended 9 such brunch session across focus areas like:

Brunch Sessions

  • Managing Under Chronic Stress and Resource Shortage
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Successful Medical Representative
  • Presentation Skills
  • Urological Issues
  • Management techniques
  • Working at Exhibitions
  • Time Management
  • Business Writing
Company products in the Delta Medical office

Practical Takeaways to Apply

Unlike general theoretical concepts, these focused “brunch” sessions offer practical, job-specific advice to employees. Examples include:

  • Simple templates to structure presentations by objectives, making it easier to convey persuasive messages to doctors.
  • Guidelines to evaluate the complexity of information, aiding in the coherent communication of technical details to non-specialist stakeholders.
  • Formulaic methods for calculating optimal order quantities, taking into account demand variability to reduce long-term distribution costs.

Additionally, these workshops serve as platforms for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, facilitated by experts. For example, experienced medical representatives share their field success stories in navigating complex patient objections, providing valuable insights that junior colleagues can adapt to their own contexts.

Business negotiations between Delta Medical employees

Diverse and Flexible Self-Directed Learning Materials

After each brunch session, employees have the option to access recordings of these sessions through Delta Medical’s intranet. This allows them to revisit the concepts discussed or catch up on any sessions they missed.

Additionally, supplementary materials such as slide decks and curated reading resources are provided to support ongoing learning.

Thus, these brunch sessions offer flexible, on-demand learning opportunities.

Employees can delve into specific, applied topics presented by internal leaders, gaining skills that complement and extend beyond the scope of formal, centrally-mandated training programs. This approach fosters a more diverse and adaptable skill set within the workforce.

Delta Medical staff meeting

Evaluating Training Effectiveness

To quantify ROI on our extensive investments in external and internal training programs, meticulous effectiveness tracking processes are built-in encompassing assessments, audits and user feedback collection.

Measuring Competency Improvements

As previously mentioned, more than 97% of our trained employees consistently show over 80% improvement in topic proficiency across our various training programs.

These assessments are made possible through test banks created by our training coordinators, which include:

  • Memorization Checkpoints: These are multiple-choice questions designed to confirm employees’ understanding of the standards outlined in the training.
  • Application Assessments: These involve scenario-based analyses where employees demonstrate their ability to make informed decisions according to the guidelines provided.
  • Skill Demonstration Tests: These are presentations that assess employees’ ability to effectively persuade audiences, particularly following sales methodology training.

The effectiveness of our training methods is continuously refined by analyzing the collective test performance trends. This helps us identify specific topics where intensified retraining may be necessary to further enhance learning outcomes.

Training Outcomes Analysis

Delta Medical goes beyond just measuring competency improvements; we also monitor the tangible results of our training for specific functions.

For example, quality assurance analysts attended a specialized workshop on deviation management, which resulted in a more than 35% reduction in the time taken to submit investigative reports in the three months following the workshop.

In another case, after improved Good Distribution Practice (GDP) training for our supply chain staff, we observed a 10% decrease in temperature excursions over the past year. This has been crucial in maintaining the integrity of our products during transit.

These measurable outcomes provide concrete evidence of our training programs’ effectiveness in addressing skill gaps in key operational areas.

Presentation of a new product from Delta Medical

Incorporating Learner Feedback

Delta Medical continually improves the effectiveness of our training programs by conducting detailed exit surveys with all participants. These surveys focus on potential areas for content enhancement and the relevance of the material presented.

Feedback from learners has led to a diversification of delivery methods. We now include more interactive workshops, break down modules into smaller, focused segments, and offer extended post-session access to instructors for additional queries.

By combining these comprehensive evaluations – which cover competency development, operational impact, and qualitative feedback – we ensure a targeted approach to training. This approach not only fosters long-term knowledge retention but also drives measurable improvements in both individual and collective performance within our training regime.

Awards, Recognition and Future Trajectory

Through comprehensive skilling initiatives spanning dedicated onboarding journeys to continuous development across functional competencies and emerging domains, Delta Medical built a team of specialized experts that drive our market-leading healthcare access expansion across Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Pharmacy in Delta Medical

Celebrating High Achievers as Role Models

We recognize standout training performance through competitions to spur friendly knowledge sharing and incentivization. Beyond monetary prizes for bracket toppers, this peer visibility helps cascade best practices across the organization.

Delta Medical’s Award-Winning Approach to Employee Mental Health and Well-being

At Delta Medical, we understand the importance of our employees’ mental health alongside their Compliance and Functional training. We believe in nurturing mental and cognitive well-being, recognizing its crucial role in enhancing learning, creativity, and goal achievement.

In 2023, our commitment to supporting the mental health of our team was recognized with the Best Mental Health Programs” award in the TOP 100 journal’s rating.

This honor reflects our dedication to creating a compassionate and supportive work environment, where the holistic well-being of our employees is a top priority.

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Goals for 2024 and Beyond

As regulations, technologies and patient needs evolve, so must our capabilities serving this dynamic healthcare landscape.

To enhance our training approach, Delta Medical in 2024 is introducing several innovative initiatives:

  1. Hyper-Specialized Learning Paths: Tailor individual learning paths based on each employee’s Individual Development Plan (IDP) goals. This approach moves away from generic training to more personalized development, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.
  2. Digital Knowledge Repository on LMS: Launch a comprehensive digital library within our Learning Management System (LMS). This repository will provide easy, searchable access to a wide range of learning materials, including recordings, presentations, and manuals, allowing employees to learn at their own pace and convenience.
  3. Training for External Partners: Initiate ‘train the trainer’ programs for external partners like Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and sub-distributors. This will enable them to effectively cross-train on the solutions offered by Delta, fostering a more knowledgeable and cohesive network of partners.
  4. Multimedia and Virtual Reality Formats: Implement multimedia learning formats, including virtual reality (VR), for immersive simulation-based training sessions. This technology-driven approach aims to enhance engagement and retention by providing realistic, hands-on learning experiences.

The future of revolutionizing healthcare access in underserved communities is all about cultivating specialized talent. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing our training programs, Delta Medical is on a relentless mission to stay at the forefront as your dedicated partner.

We’re determined to ensure that top-notch medicines reach EVERY patient, regardless of where they are or their financial status.

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