Delta Medical has reached the TOP-5 of the best pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine

Delta Medical entered the top five pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine, reflected in the magazine TOP-100 Ratings of the Greatest‘s latest ratings. This achievement stems not just from Delta’s professional work and innovative medicines, but also its commitment to people – its most valuable asset – during a challenging period.

Maintaining Care Amidst Crisis

With over 8 million Ukrainians displaced by the 2022 invasion, the country faced debilitating brain drain, as top talent fled. This exacerbated business hurdles. However, companies who took bold actions investing in their workforces demonstrated true leadership.

The TOP-100 Ratings of the Greatest magazine and an expert jury identified 50 Ukrainian companies standing out for their commitment to being responsible, people-first employers during the crisis. Delta Medical earned 5th position among national pharma leaders. We also received the “Best Mental Health Programs” special nomination!

Holistic Support Secures Wellbeing at Delta Medical

Criteria for selection included veterans’ reintegration, pay scales, corporate training investments, and innovations in employee wellness. On the last count, Delta Medical implements comprehensive initiatives to preserve mental health in trying conditions.

These span daily physical health activities like aerobics and yoga to weekly football matches. Employees also get care packages with treats to uplift spirits after distressing nights. Psychological consultationsmedical insurance and checkups further aid recovery.

Equipping Teams to Endure Hardships

Delta Medical also proactively trains personnel in first aidsafety protocols and emergency response through immersive workshops. Despite numerous obstacles, we continue empowering our people.

Our commitment has justifiably earned recognition. However, External challenges persist. By supporting employees that drive our mission, Delta Medical sets an example of responsible business inspiring hope for the future.

Looking Ahead

Delta Medical has weathered significant storms, while still producing Ukraine’s top pharmaceutical innovations. With an empowered, capable team secured by holistic wellness investments, we are poised to reach greater heights delivering healthcare access for the country and beyond.

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