Delta Medical has confirmed its compliance with the GDP standard

Delta Medical received its first GDP certificate in 2019. In a recent audit, our company has been confirmed to meet the high standards of Good Distribution Practice.

The entire quality system of the company, all processes related to the purchase, storage, sale and transportation of medicines are subject to verification by the relevant regulatory authorities.   

The importance of the GDP certificate for the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry is obvious, because good distribution practice is a set of rules and requirements, compliance with which ensures that the quality of medicines is maintained during their wholesale distribution.  

Distribution is directly related to the purchase, storage, supply or export of medicines. This activity is carried out in cooperation with manufacturers or marketing authorization holders, importers, other distributors or retailers. 

The role of pharmaceutical distributors at present is to create an environment that allows them to offer modern services and promote good health of the population. GDP is an important part of ensuring the quality of a medical product at one of the stages of its life cycle.

Compliance with the basic principles and rules of the GDP guarantees the following:
– the drugs sold are registered in accordance with the current legislation,
– storage conditions are observed, including the period of transportation,
– the contamination of some drugs with others is excluded,
– delivery of goods is ensured within a certain time,
– a tracking system guarantees the detection of defective products,
– there is an effective drug recall procedure.

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