Why talking about cancer is so important

World Cancer Day is an international day that takes place on February 4 every year. This day is initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) to draw public attention to cancer as a global health problem and to invite various institutions to cooperate at the national and international level to overcome it.

World Cancer Day in 2023

On this day, organizations involved in the fight against cancer from all over the world invite people to work together to solve this problem. It can be launching a cancer awareness campaign, organizing fundraising events for cancer research and supporting people who are suffering from cancer.
It is important to note that cancer is one of the biggest causes of death in the world, so it is necessary to continue the fight against it during this day and every other day. It is about the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and ensuring access to health care for all people affected by cancer.

Enteral nutrition as part of the therapy of oncology patients

We at Delta Medical pay a lot of attention to this problem. It is known that enteral nutrition is very important in the treatment of cancer patients. It is commonly used by people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, those who have had digestive surgery, and those who have difficulty swallowing or a condition that affects their ability to absorb nutrients. Enteral nutrition may also benefit people who are at high risk of infection due to a severely weakened immune system.
In general, enteral nutrition is an important option for providing adequate nutrition for people who cannot eat enough. This can help maintain the patient’s nutrient supply and improve their quality of life.
During the year, we made several charitable contributions to hospitals and patient organizations. In particular, they were given several batches of enteral nutrition.

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