Delta Medical received a special PharmFront award from the Panacea 2023 competition

On November 7th, 2023, Ukraine’s pharmaceutical industry gathered for the 23rd annual “Panacea” awards ceremony at the Ukrainian House, the first since Russia’s invasion began.

Delta Medical joined 10 other companies receiving the special PharmFront award, recognizing extraordinary commitment to supporting Ukraine through the crisis. Sculpted from debris of a downed missile, this honor holds deep symbolic meaning.

Processing Hardships with Perspective

Accepting the award, Delta Medical Marketing Director Gulya Pogotova shared profound reflections:

“I never imagined seeing my colleagues in military uniforms instead of business casual. I never pictured my husband wielding a rifle near our office. The palpable fear was unimaginable, but it’s our reality.”

Pogotova continued:

“I’m deeply grateful to the soldiers protecting us and the doctors saving lives every day. But where would they be without our backing? I’m proud of Delta employees voluntarily involving themselves. By supporting each other now, we give Ukraine the strength to prevail.”

Delta Medical Rallys Employees in Service of Ukraine

Pogotova’s sentiments encapsulated Delta Medical’s motivations. Since 2014, we have assisted Ukraine’s military and health services. As full-scale war erupted, difficulties mounted but our dedication only strengthened.

From the earliest days, Delta Medical rushed over 18 million hryvnias worth of vital medical supplies to soldiers and hospitals. We also encouraged employees to contribute however possible.

Lasting Impact

In June 2022, Delta Medical became a lead donor to the new Trident Tribes fund.  Our collective efforts between March 2022 and June 2023 provided around 140 million hryvnias in total aid – from financing healthcare organizations to supplying territorial communities and the military with medicines, vehicles, equipment and more.

The Panacea awards applauded these selfless sacrifices that will leave a lasting humanitarian impact, inspiring hope. By recognizing and supporting companies like Delta Medical who upheld social responsibility amidst turmoil, this ceremony also provided visions of a positive future ahead.

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