Delta Medical received a special PharmFront award from the Panacea 2023 competition

On November 7, 2023, the 23rd (and first since the beginning of the full-scale invasion) award ceremony of the annual competition of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine “Panacea” took place at the Ukrainian House. 

Delta Medical became one of 11 companies that received a special PharmFront award for their special contribution to supporting Ukraine in difficult times and during the beginning of a full-scale invasion. This award was made from the debris of an “analog” Kinzhal ballistic missile shot down over Kiev. 

Delta Medical has been helping the Ukrainian army and medicine since 2014. Delta Medical’s position remained unchanged with the beginning of a full-scale invasion, which significantly increased the number of challenges and risks. From the first days of the war, Delta Medical shipped medicines to military hospitals, public hospitals, checkpoints, etc. So, she gave away absolutely all the innovative hemostatic plasters in stock worth more than 18 million hryvnia. 

Delta Medical has initiated and encouraged corporate donation, rewarding employees who want to get involved in helping victims and the military. In June 2022, the company became a major donor to the new Tribes of the Trident fund. During the period from March 2022 to June 2023, assistance was provided totaling about 140 million hryvnia. These include medicines for public organizations, healthcare institutions, and assistance to territorial communities and the military – finances, cars, winter clothing, medical equipment. 

Gulya Pogotova, founder of the “Trident Tribes” foundation and marketing director of Delta Medical: 

I never thought that I would one day see my colleagues in military uniform, because I was used to seeing them in business casual. I never thought that I would see my husband with a Kalashnikov assault rifle in his hands near the office, because there were numerous DRGs nearby. I never thought it would be so scary, but it was, and that’s history. I am very grateful to our military for their protection. I am very grateful to our doctors for saving lives. But what would they do without us, without our support and without our help? Therefore, I am proud of all of us, I am proud of those who now live in Ukraine and value their and our lives and believe in our victory. Glory to Ukraine! 

“Panacea” is an important event for the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry, which has been held annually since 1999. The purpose of the competition is to promote the development of various sectors of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. 

Every year, the Panacea winners are determined on the basis of comprehensive marketing research conducted by the competition’s analytical partners – international and domestic analytical companies. These studies help determine the best practices and achievements of pharmaceuticals in Ukraine.